LiteON 24/10/40 IDE


We are now measuring the reading performance of CopyLock. For this test we used Sudden Strike.


The *.icd* part in the exe-file from Suddenstrike points at the presence of Copylock or CodeLock.
It has the same encryption methode as Safedisc II with the lack of the 000000001.tmp files.

LiteOn reads CopyLock, but again very slow in comparison with Plextor.

Though it does it very slow, LiteOn reads really everything!!


Conclusion CopyLock:

Because this copy protection is very similar to SafediscII you almost have the same reading performance as with SafediscII. LiteOn also succeeds in making a workable backup of a CopyLock protected CD. Let us hope that in the near future LiteOn succeeds in reducing the reading time.

Next subject is securom…


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