Mitsumi CR-4809TE vs. Lite-On LTR-24102B


Review: Mitsumi CR-4809TE 24/12/40X
Lite-On LTR-24102B 24/10/40X
Reviewer: OC-Freak
Provided by: LiteON & Mitsumi

In this review we'll directly compare two nearly identical featured drives.
Both Mitsumi and Lite-On are two very large manufacturers. While Lite-On being the largest producer of them it's a very new brand on the retail market. Mitsumi has been around for quite some years now and should have some more experience. Let's see how good these drives are compared to each other.

The drives:

The drive we received from Mitsumi was not the retail version, what we got was:

  • The drive itself, Mitsumi was kind enough to update the firmware to version 1.0C before they shipped it.
  • 1 empty verbatim 24X certified 80minutes CD-R disc (Made by Mitsubishi chemicals)
  • 1 empty verbatim 10X certified 74minutes CD-RW disc (Made by Mitsubishi chemicals)
  • 1 disc containing Nero 5.5 OEM and some other software

We did not get any manuals, screws or cables.

This is what Mitsumi shipped to us.

The sticker on the mitsumi drive

The package of the Liteon contained:

  • The drive we will use is upgraded to the latest firmware, version 5S57.
  • One empty 'multispeed" 80 minutes CD-R disc (Made by ritek).
  • One empty 10X certified 74 minutes CD-RW disc (Made by Plasmon data systems).
  • A simple installation guide on various languages.
  • One audio cable
  • 4 screws
  • One CD containing Nero Burning ROM version 5.5

The Lite-On box

What the box contained.

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