Mitsumi CR-4809TE vs. Lite-On LTR-24102B

General usage:

Both drives are relatively quiet in operation, the Lite-On tends to spin down very easily and then spin up again when accessed. None of the drives get very hot in use. The Lite-On tray motor is a bit noisier than the Mitsumi motor. Both drives are very good readers, although We find the Mitsumi to be a more stable reader. Overall we prefer the Mitsumi for general reading usage.


Let’s sum it all up:

Mitsumi CR-4809TE

  • + ExacLink buffer under run prevention technology
  • + Huge 16Mb buffer
  • + Excellent reading performance for Data, music and CD-RW discs.
  • + Excellent read quality
  • + Good write performance
  • + Good ReWrite performance
  • + Nero Burning ROM version 5.5
  • + Supports RAW-DAO 96
  • + Should be able to backup most protected PC games
  • + Supports CD-TEXT
  • + Price
  • – Does not support ‘Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns”.
  • – 4X is the lowest supported write speed.
  • – Limited amount of write speeds
  • – Not the best media compatibility with non 24X certified media.
  • – Problems with protected audio discs.

Lite-on LTR-24102B

  • + Smartburn and Smart X technologies
  • + Nero burning ROM version 5.5
  • + Good write performance
  • + Good media compatibility
  • + Good data read performance
  • + Supports RAW-DAO 96
  • + Supports ‘Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns” which means it could backup as many games as possible.
  • + Supports 90/99 minutes media and also funny format CD-R media.
  • + Supports CD-TEXT
  • + Price
  • – Only 2Mb buffer
  • – Not perfect DAE read speed
  • – Very bad CD-RW reading performance.
  • – 8X is the lowest supported write speed.
  • – Problems with protected audio discs.

So which one to pick?

Both drives are very good, if we had an older computer we would probably pick the Mitsumi because of the larger buffer. If backing up your favourite games is the main usage then we would recommend the Lite-On. The Mitsumi is also best as a normal reader while the Lite-On have very good media compatibility, which may be important if you have much old media lying around. Read the review and decide for your self.

The Lite-On lowest price on Pricewatch is 80$,
The Mitsumi is listed with the lowest price of 76$


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