Mitsumi CR-4809TE vs. Lite-On LTR-24102B


Music reading performance:

We still start with the same two programs:

This shot shows the Mitsumi reading a pressed music disc.

And this shot shows the Lite-On reading a pressed music disc.

And now some CD-R music disc tests, we used the CD-Speed advanced Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) test disc for these tests.

And here is a shot showing the Mitsumi reading a CD-R music disc.

And a shot that shows the Lite-On’s performance with the CD-R music disc.

Transfer speed:

Mitsumi reading a pressed music disc.

Lite-On reading the same pressed CD-R disc.

Quick summary so far: Take a look and you’ll notice that the Mitsumi is a hair faster, but now the Lite-On gives the best seek times.

Nero CD-Speed advanced DAE test:

The Mitsumi gives perfect results.

The Lite-On also gives perfect results, although a bit slower.

And then we tried to rip 25 music tracks from a pressed disc, the total length of the CD was 77 minutes and 58 seconds. The program we used was Exact Audio Copy version 0.9 beta 2.

Detected features:

The Mitsumi, doesn’t support C2 error information unfortunately.

TheLite-On supports everything.

Setting Mitsumi CR-4809TE Lite-On LTR-24102B
Secure mode Average 6,4X Average 5,7X
Burst mode Average 28,2X Average 25,7X

Music reading performance summary:

While the Lite-On holds the best seek times this time, the Mitsumi is a bit faster.
The difference in seek times is not big this time so that’s why we give the Mitsumi the thumb up for being the fastest reader at music.