Mitsumi CR-4809TE vs. Lite-On LTR-24102B


Theoretical write tests:

First we’ll show two shots from Nero CD-Speed.


Here you could clearly see the shifting points to the Mitsumi drive. As this picture shows it’s a Zone CLV drive.

And this shot shows the Zone CLV speed of the Lite-on.

Well, the Lite-on is a tiny hair faster and wins this test.


Real life write and read tests:

Here we’ll read the same disc to an image and then write it back using various different programs. We use a disc with 80 minutes and 25 seconds with data on and then write it onto 24X certified MPO produced CD-R discs, here is what CD-R identifier could tell about them:

  • ATIP: 97m 25s 07f
  • Disc Manufacturer: MPO
  • Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
  • Media type: CD-Recordable
  • Recording Speeds: min. unknown – max. unknown
  • Nominal Capacity: 702.69MB (79m 59s 00f / LBA: 359775)
Program Mitsumi read Lite-On read Mitsumi write Lite-on write
CloneCD 2&#58 48 2&#58 41 4&#58 02 3&#58 48
CD-Mate 2&#58 50 2&#58 42 4&#58 04 3&#58 56
Nero 2&#58 48 2&#58 41 4&#58 01 3&#58 49

The Lite-On comes out as the fastest drive in this test.


CD-RW writing and packet writing:

How good are they at handling CD-RW? The Mitsumi has a speed advantage since it supports 12X Writing, but how much could this be seen in practical use?

What? Mitsumi CR-4809TE Lite-on LTR-24102B
Write a full 80min CD-RW 8 minutes 21 seconds 8 minutes 28 seconds
Quick erase 80min CD-RW 24 seconds 34 seconds
Full erase 80min CD-RW 8 minutes 32 seconds 8 minutes 51 seconds

Both drives worked perfectly using Ahead’s InCD packet writing software. We did not run many test but the Mitsumi seemed to be a hair faster.

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