Mitsumi CR-480ATE


To conclude our test we will take a look at how far the Mitsumi CR-480ATE can overburn data. We used Infiniti 99min/900mb
CD-R’s for our tests that were certified up to 32x writing:

Infiniti 99min/900mb CD-R

Infiniti 99min/900mb CD-R

And for our 8cm CD-R tests we used CD-R’s from Plasmon. The discs can hold a maximum of 23min/200MB. Aren’t they cute ?

Plasmon 8cm CD-R

Overburn Tests:

We once again used Nero CD Speed (version 0.85 beta) to do
an overburn test. We set the ‘Test capacity’ to 99 minutes and started the test:

Overburn Tests

As you can see in above screenshot the Mitsumi passed the overburn test without problems. The drive could simulate
writing up to 99 minutes. To put the simulation to the test we created a new data compilation in Nero Burning Rom
version containing 863MB of data:

Data Compilation

We wrote the disc at full speed using ‘Disc as Once’ as recording method. In the screenshot below you can see the process
was completed successfully:

Overburn Success

To verify the data on the disc we loaded Nero CD Speed for one
final time and did a ‘Transfer Rate Test’. Below a screenshot. Click on the image to enlarge:

Transfer Rate Test [Click to Enlarge]

The disc was read at full speed without problems. The Mitsumi even reached a top speed of 43.16x. The average
reading speed was 32.54x. As you can also see in the screenshot Nero CD Speed cannot really handle 99 minute

8cm CD-R Tests:

To conclude our Mitsumi CR-480ATE review we tried to write 8cm CD-R’s manufactured by Plasmon:

Plasmon 8cm CD-R

The disc could be written up to 12x without any problems…

That concludes our Mitsumi CR-480ATE review… Let’s have a look at the final conclusions!