New CloneCD v4.0


As most people will have noticed it has been rather quiet at Elaborate
, Oliver Kastl or better known as the people behind CloneCD. CloneCD is well known amongst the burning community
and doesn’t need an introduction anymore. For those who don’t know CloneCD (shame on you!) here’s a brief introduction:

“..CloneCD is a powerful CD replicator software that will allow you to make perfect back-ups of most current
protected CDs. This can be performed because it writes in Raw Mode, which allows it to have total control on the written

Sounds great but what does this mean? Well in short it means that CloneCD can copy discs that normally can’t or won’t be
copied. This is a very simple definition and although CloneCD was one of the first programs to use this ‘Raw Mode’ it’s
not alone anymore. New programs have been launched and the last CloneCD version dates back three months ago (January 3rd).
Since then many questions have been asked when a new CloneCD version will be released and what the heck is going on at
Elaborate Bytes. Well we have the scoop for you:

Currently a new CloneCD version is being developed with the codename CloneCD X. In this (p)review we will show you what
this new CloneCD has in store for you and why people have been waiting so long for an update.

Please note that the version we received from Elaborate Bytes is a beta version and still needs retouching!
The final version may be different from ours but with this (p)review we want to show you what lies ahead…

Please also note that in this (p)review we will not test how CloneCD handles various copy-protections like
SafeDisc 2, etc. because this CloneCD version is still beta and there’s no point in testing something that hasn’t
been finished yet.

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