Optorite TED80Y1 Portable CD/DVD Writer Review


To round off this review, we will run some advanced tests on the HP dvd640e DVD Writer. These tests are: 'Sheep Test", protected audio discs and some special disc tests.


Copy protected data discs:

For this test, we will use the Sheep tests made by Alexander Noé. Why is it called sheep test? That's because the logo of the first 1 to 1 copy program called CloneCD is a sheep. When looking at supported writers, you will notice that the feature list has sheep to indicate if a feature is supported or not. In this case we are interested in the writer's ability to backup/write weak sectors. Also called: 'Correct EFM encoding of regular bit-patterns".

  • No sheep: Can't backup any Safedisc 2 versions without the help of software tricks

  • 1 Sheep: Can backup Safedisc 2 up to version 2.4x without software tricks

  • 2 Sheep: Can backup Safedisc 2, including version 2.5x

  • 3 Sheep: Can write all possible weak sectors, few if any writers could do this.

One of our forum moderators Womble has written a guide concerning the 'Sheep Test" that could be found here.


In the screenshot below take from CloneCD v5.1.0.0, we see the Optorite TED80Y1 supports everything.

The Optorite TED80Y1 supports DAO-RAW96 recording mode, which basically means, it can write uncorrected data and subchannel data. Drive used to verify that the tests works are BenQ DW1640. Below are our results from the 'Sheep Tests":


Sheep Tests


One Sheep Burner


Two Sheep Burner


Safedisc v2.90


Three Sheep Burner


From our Sheep test results we can see the Optorite TED80Y1 is a 'Two Sheep Burner", it also successfully completed the SafeDisc V2.90 test.


To test the overburning capabilities of the Optorite TED80Y1, we used the overburning test in Nero CD/DVD-Speed.


The maximum capacity that we could reach is 81:44.67 or a +01:44:69 overburn capacity when testing with an 80 minute Ritek CD-R.

 Now, that concludes our Optorite TED80Y1 DVD Writer review, head on to the last page to read our conclusion…

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