Plextor 24/10/40 IDE


SecuRom is another well-known CD-protection that has been used a lot.


Clony recognizes Outcast as a Securomprotected CD.

This DADC mark unviels that this CD is protected with Securom

And we are really sure if we encounter these files *.dll.


Also with this protection the Plextor didn’t make any problems.

Conclusion Data reading:

  • As a reader this Plextor performs really well and as a bonus it reads all popular CD-protection shemes.,
  • The many problems we encountered under firmware revisionV1.00 were partly gone under V1.01 and totally gone under firmware V1.02.

    Pay attention:

    Plextor doesn’t support the reading of protected CD’s officially. We know that the demand from the users is very big, but we will explain this from Plextor’s point of view:

    Plextor won’t and will not EVER support the reading and writing of protected CD’s.

    The handling of a drive to be able to back-up everything is negative towards a correct- functioning of the drive.

    Plextor is trying to create a flawless writer wich is the best writing solution according to the specifications (the coloured books).

    If the drive needs to be altered to be able to read or write a protected CD, Plextor will not be supporting this. Who really needs a drive that doesn’t write or read reliable anymore?

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