Plextor 24/10/40 IDE


Audio perfomance:

The next test we perform is a very hard and intense test for any reader; the advanced DAE test from CDspeed. To perform this test CDspeed makes a test-CDR that puts your drive to the max.



The advanced DAE test gives 99.8 -) not bad, but not perfect.

We were a little bit annoyed that this new Plextor couldn’t get a 100% score, this in contrast with the PX-40TS with the same disc. This was for us a reason to contact Eric Deppe, the creator of the advanced DAE test.

Eric Deppe from CDspeed:


  • The fact that the Plextor 40x could get a perfect score shows that the test-disc is fine.

    Apparantly it looks like the performance of the new 24/10/40 are less accurate.
  • A score of 97% is ofcourse not bad at all, however a little bit dissappointing for a Plextor drive. Meanwhile Plextor released firmware V1.02 and fixed the problem, giving it a 100% DAE score with the same disc.
  • When the Advanced DAE Quality test was just brought out, the Plextor 40x was the only drive that could get a 100% score. Most drives performed around 80%. It is very likely that Plextor releases a newer firmware that enhances the DAE quality, just like they did with the 12/10/32.
  • The DAE test is is much more heavier than normal circumstances like a test performed with EAC. This means that the 24/10/40 under normal circumstancesa good performer is, but under heavy circumstances sometimes fails.
  • The offset in raw mode can indeed be different than in DAO. In case of Plextor drives it is not appropriate to use the RAW mode to make a test disc since Plextor drives cannot perform OPC before writing in RAW mode (in contradiction to DAO). CD Speed doesn’t do OPC so a CD in RAW mode written can give worse results.
  • If the drive hangs bij testing the lead-out this usually means that the drive is capable of reading far in the lead-out. I personally think that Plextor drives can read the whole lead-out.

    CD Speed continues to read until the drive reports an error.

    And than we got from Plextor Firmware revision V1.02 This is where beauty really exists.

    I can’t tell enough about it, but concerning support and feedback Plextor is the worldchampion. Because, yes… also for this test we have installed the new firmware and look at the results!:


    Although we experienced in the beginning a lot of problems with the difficult DAE it seems that finally this Plextor is again a winner. The testing results were there and we experienced no flaws by hearing the result. The test also depents on the quality of the media used and the acceptation of the drive regarding this media.

    For the above test we used the following CDR’s:

  • TDK ultra reflex 80min
  • Infiniti CDR80 20x 80min
  • Sony CDR 74 16x
  • Carbon Audio CDR 80min
  • Frosted CDR 30x certified !

    What we experienced while making this review was the intrest from Plextor in making from this drive also the absolute N°1.

    If you keep in mind that Plextor always brings her products on the market as an innovator and succeeds after a while to tune these drives as perfect beings we must admit that Plextor has indeed a very good reputation and definately earns the right for the number one spot.

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