Plextor 24/10/40 IDE


Writing tests:

Now that we have tested the reading performance we look at the main feature of Plextor, the writing of media

The first test is an integrated write test in CDspeed:

This is a short test that graphically displays the writing speed of the drive on every position of the disc.It finally determines the average writing speed. This test simulates an actual burning, thus no cdr is being lost to perform this test. CD-speed is a freeware utility from Eric Deppe.

The cd-write test from CDspeed.

The result shows that the PX-2410TA initially begins the writing at 16x whereas it changes speeds after 6 minutes to 20x and after 16min to 24x. The overall average writing speed is 22.76x.

Next we took CDMATE from AnChen. This is a new, but very effective program. It combines the flexability of CloneCD with the functionality of Nero. Furthermore it has a lot of tweaks and gives some handy info from your drive and the used media.

CDMate integrates a CD-Rom manager that gives a lot of info from your burner. Let’s have a look at the results.

All the drive info is being displayed.

The exact capacity of the disc is showed.

A thoroughly ATIP-code reading, gives more info than the popular CDR-indentifier…

Our third tests are some test-burnings with 74 and 80 min CDR’s:

The tests were created using Nero Burning Rom V5.5.4.0. First we took some 74min CDR’s afterwards some 80min CDR’s. We selected some different brands (Sony, Infiniti, Discplanet, Tayo Yuden, frosted cdr, hi-space.) When we do our next test with a 24x burner we shall compare these results.

Strange thing. The burning on a 74min CDR took more time then on an 80min CDR.

What we noticed during these burnings was the fact when we enlighted the burned CDR’s we could see a difference in color shade respectively at those points whereas the writing speed increases.
Wheter this was an effect due to increased speed or OPC correction we couldn’t determin.

So we experienced 3 different shades of dye color:

  • one between 0 and 6 min
  • one between 6 and 16 min
  • one between 16min and the end of the disc

    Reaction Plextor:

    Our drives start off with a certain value of OPC. When the drive determines that this value should be increased it will do this at certain points (6-16-end) The difference in color is not always visible and depends on the type of CDR. This color nuance should give no difference in reflection and should not alter the quality of what is written on the disc.

    The next thing we did is testing the write performance and capabilities when making a backup of a protected disc:

  • Securom: Securom worked fine.
  • LaserLock: LaserLock worked fine.
  • Safedisc: Safedisc worked fine.
  • SafediscII: SafediscII worked fine. (in contradiction to Plex PX-161040TA)
  • CopyLock: CopyLock worked fine.
  • Libcrypt: Libcrypt worked fine.


    This Plextor is a true dream for everybody who wants to make a personal backup of a copy-protected CD. The right to make a backup within domestic boundries was token from software publishers that wanted to fight the increase of piracy, without taking notice of those who legitimate needed a backup to protect their original from damage.

    Anyone who needs to make backup’s for the previously mentioned purpose will find the perfect solution in this Plextor drive.