Plextor 24/10/40 IDE

Burning of 90/99min CDR’s – The maximum overburn:

Another beautiful feature of the new Plextor is the posibility to write more data on a cdr than the specification allows. This feature is called overburn. The overburn feature is not a part of the general CDRW specification (Orange book) and thus not officially supported by Plextor.


Nevertheless Plextor increased the overburn capacity of this new model and we were able to cram 95 min of audio data on to a single 90/99 min CDR.

Special CDR’s for overburning up to 99min

The first 90/99min test is the integrated test of CDSpeed:

This procedure makes a testburning on a predefined storage capacity and the program will report wether the test is finished without any noticible problems.


CDspeed also got an overburn test.

Our next test for overburning is the creation of a data cd under Nero Burning Rom. We created a data CD of 828MB or 94min and 12 secs.

And yes, this time no simulation but a true burning. And the result a perfect CDR.


Also when we read the 90/99min cdr afterwards there seemed to be no problem of whatsoever…

As you can see from the above graph Cdspeed isn’t ready yet to read these large cdr’s.

We hope that Eric Deppe will fix this minor bug in an upgrade.

Burning of specialized media: cdr 8cm, cdr-bussinesscard, shaped cd’s:

We will investigate if the new Plextor can write or read special CDR’s that don’t exist in the specification books. We are mentioning here the special but popular 8cm CDR’s and CDR-bussinesscards…

CD businesscard rounded 50MB

CD bussinesscard rounded is no problem for this Plextor

CD businesscard squared 50MB is neither a problem for this Plextor

8cm CDR’s were written up to 183MB data

Again no problem for this Plextor to write the media.


This drive supports un-officially every media available on the market. Wether it is normal 12cm, 8cm, or shaped. This baby burns and reads everything

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