Plextor 24/10/40 IDE

Write tests: CDRW

The last feature we have to check is the rewrite function of this drive. This new Plextor supports high-speed rewriting 4x10x and is of course backwards compatible with 2x4x. For the test we formatted the rewritable discs with Ahead InCD V2.26.1


While we have 2x4x CDRW-media and high-speed 4x10x cdrw-media we encountered another difference in rewritable media: CDRW with a different capacity They are hard to find but they exist: 80min CDRW. 74min CDRW-media is specified thus widly spread, 80min CDRW-media isn’t. But very interesting to go a little bit deeper on this issue.

CDRW-80min will get you another 43MB extra.

There is even high-speed CDRW-80 min.


Formatting under InCD V2.26.1

After we formatted a 74min CDRW, wether this was high-speed or normal-speed a free space of 543MB could be found on the disc through explorer.

For the 80min CDRW we received a generous 586MB of empty space. This gave us a profit of 43MB.

The formatting of an 80min 2x4x disc took us 0 : 26 : 32 min The formatting of an 74min 4x10x disc took us 0 : 12 : 47 min



High speed rewriting is a big breakthrough in costeffective reliable and yet fast storage capacity. This Plextor is no exeption and delivers what it promises….

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