Plextor 24/10/40 IDE

The folowing tests will give the reading results with CloneCD:

This is the screen you are getting with CloneCD V3.0.8.2


LaserLock: The first game that we test thoroughly is Descent III.

The typicale laserLock ring is clearly visible

Clony – Software that detects copy protections -detected that the CD was protected with LaserLock. Handy are the read-settings we are getting for CloneCD with this utility. However we would like to see also the read-setting from other program’s here.


Clony recognizes Descent III as LaserLock

In a filemanager we can see the hidden LaserLock directory.

The unreadable sectors from LaserLock.


Conclusion LaserLock:

We have had initially a very hard time trying to create a workable backup from this Laserlock protected CD. The problems are also mentioned on other sites around the internet. Sometimes Windows freezes, sometimes a blue screen or a Windows-protection fault. We have tried firmware revision V1.00 and V1.01 with the same results.

Until we decided to decrease the drive’s speed to 32x.We have tried this new method under firmware V1.00 and V1.01 and with the

Plextor PX-161040A firmware V1.03. And yes, this time we managed to create a workable backup. Though it costed a lot of time , we succeeded with this method.

Finally we tested the new firmware V1.02 and believe it or not. LaserLock didn’t offer any resistance anymore and backing up a LaserLock CD was a piece of cake.

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