In this section we’ll take a look at how the Waitec MEGALUS peforms with CD-RW media. For the tests we’ll use 74
minutes/650MB CD-RW discs manufactured by CMC Magnetics, the same discs that were delivered with the MEGALUS. To format our
CD-RW discs we’ll use Ahead’s InCD (www.ahead.de) version 2.32.

CD-RW Media – Formatting:

We formatted the CD-RW disc with Ahead’s InCD and got a free useable disc space of 536MB.

CD-RW Media – Packet Writing:

Then we measured the time it took the Waitec MEGALUS to write a 411MB (420.934Kb) file to the CD-RW disc with InCD. The
file was copied in roughly 5 minutes and 34 seconds resulting in an average writing speed of 7.16x, slightly slower
than the Lite-On 24102B (7.23) and the Plextor PX-W2410A (7.20x). Please note these speeds were reached on different
machines so the achieved times can be a little off. Roughly we can say the Waitec MEGALUS reaches about the same speeds
the competition does.

CD-RW Media – Normal Writing:

Next we used a Quick Erase to clean the CD-RW disc and used Nero Burning Rom version to write the same file
as a normal data compilation. The disc was recognized as CD-R disc and the write speed was automatically set to 10x.
Below a screenshot of the process completed successfully:

Nero writing CD-RW disc test

As you can see the process was finished in 5 minutes and 32 seconds, about the same results we got with the Packet
Writing Tests above.

CD-RW Media – Read Tests:

To conclude our tests we used Nero CD Speed to test how well
the Waitec MEGALUS could read the created disc. Below some screenshots:

Nero CD Speed Read Tests
Nero CD Speed Read Tests

As you can see the Waitec MEGALUS produces an excellent result here! The speed keeps climbing and it’s slightly faster
than the Plextor PX-W2410A and a lot faster than the Lite-On 24102B (which only reached 13.16x)!

Now we’ve done our tests it’s time for the final conclusions…