WAITEC - Moving Generation

Positive Points:

  • Supports 24x Z-CLV Writing
  • SafeLink Anti-Coaster Technology
  • Good read performance with data discs
  • Good write performance
  • Good DAE quality
  • Good seek-times
  • Excellent DAE speeds
  • Excellent read speed with CD-RW discs
  • Supports DAO-RAW writing
  • Supports overburning (up to 93 minutes)
  • Supports writing of CD-Text
  • Supports reading and writing of full SubChannel Data

Negative Points:

  • Failed with 99 minute CD-R’s
  • Very bad reading performance with protected discs and CloneCD
  • Failed to backup SafeDisc 2 protected discs (even with AWS)

Total score: 85.2%

The Waitec does what it’s supposed to do. It can read and write discs at high speeds and does that well. It has excellent DAE (Digital Audio Extraction) speeds and is fast when reading and writing CD-RW discs. The main bottleneck with
this Waitec is clearly its poor reading abilities when it comes to copy-protected discs. The Lite-ON 24102B and the Plextor
PX-W2410A are clearly a lot better in this department. The Waitec MEGALUS cannot copy SafeDisc 2 even with CloneCD’s
‘Amplify Weak Sectors’ option. A big disadvantage since SafeDisc 2 is currently the most common copy-protection around.

Fortunately the drive does support the reading and writing of 96 bytes of SubChannel Data so PlayStation discs, CD-Text
and protections based on this data shouldn’t be a problem.

The price of the Waitec MEGALUS is €144,- VAT ($130,-) so it can’t compete with the Lite-On or the Plextor when people
are looking for the cheapest drive with the most options or with the best quality.


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