Yamaha CRW3200E


First things first as we check out the contents of the Yamaha CRW3200E package. In the box Yamaha send to us we
find the following things:

  • The recorder
  • Manual (four languages: EN, GE, FR, SP)
  • Software Guide for Nero Burning Rom 5.5
  • IDE 40-pins flatcable
  • Audio cables
    Nero Burning Rom
  • Mounting screws
  • One extra jumper cap
  • CRW3200 Software Disc containing:
    • Ahead’s Nero Burning Rom
    • Ahead’s NeroMix
    • Ahead’s InCD
  • One blank 24x 700MB Yamaha CDM80HY CD-R
    (manufactured by Taiyo Yuden Company*)
  • One blank 10x 650MB Yamaha CRWM74BHS CD-RW
    (manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemicals*)

* Identified with CDR Identifier v1.63

A nice and complete package as we see it. Nero Burning Rom is always nice since, like we said many times before,
it’s our personal favourite. The package of the Yamaha CRW3200E even included an extra jumper cap in case you misplace
the one on the drive itself. Now that’s complete! For people that are unfamiliar with Nero Burning Rom, Yamaha has
included a small manual on how to get started covering the most basic actions (burning a data CD, an audio CD, etc.).

The Drive:


Yamaha CRW3200E Front

Finally we have a drive that doesn’t look boring… On the front of the Yamaha drive we find the Yamaha logo,
the supported speeds (24/10/40), the ‘SafeBurn’ logo and the ‘High Speed CD ReWriteable’ logo. Besides that we have
the usual headphone jack, a volume control, busy/write LED’s and of course an eject-button. Note the colour of the
Yamaha LED: it’s purple or blue (depending on the state the drive is in).

One the back of the drive we find the usual IDE and power connectors, the MASTER/SLAVE jumpers and the SPDIF
(analog/digital) output connectors.


Now let’s take a look at the features of the Yamaha CRW3200E…

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