Discover These 8 Amazing Facts About Cats

Cats are popular pets around the world. Most people, however, do not know how cool their cats are, even if they love them so much. In essence, your little feline has more in store for you than what meets your eye!

We don't give cats enough credit. Sometimes they can act mischievously, but guess what, that's also their charming part. Cats keep themselves tidy and do not require long walks.

These creatures possess mysterious traits unknown to many. Whether you have had a cat for an extended period or you just got one, you can find something worth learning about your cat daily. Read on, and discover some of the amazing facts about your feline friend.

Discover These 8 Amazing Facts About Cats
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They Walk on Their Toes Naturally

Ever wondered what makes felines light as they walk? These creatures walk on their toes, and this enables them to have magnificent pouncing capability! With this quality, cats can approach their prey quite easily.

They Do Not Taste Sweetness

Cats are the only mammals that do not taste sweetness. This is because they have a deficiency in their genes that inactivates their sugar taste-bud detectors. This deficiency has also been explained by the fact that cats are more interested in meat than sweets!

They Can Accurately Hunt in Perfect Darkness

It is no coincidence that your cat can leap on you even with the lights out. The cats can process images adequately in darkness, thanks to the orientation of their eyes. This trait makes them excellent hunters. 

Cats Have More Explicit Hearing Capacity Than Dogs

Most people have their pets as either dogs or cats. Your dog is capable of hearing from you when you open food can at a distance away, but this outstanding hearing capacity cannot match that of cats. 

The feline's pinna is uniquely formed to effectively grab air from a distant and pull them to their ears. The unique hearing ability of these felines boils down to their perky, large ears. 

The cats can absorb more significant pitches than human beings can. That means that your cat will not like loud music and too much shouting.

They Can Jump Up to 6 Times Their Height

Cats offer enthusiasm with their athleticism. Are you wondering about the vertical jumps of your feline friend? 

Well, your cat can jump to more than five feet, which equals about six times their height. This ability is attributed to the sturdy hind legs it possesses that propels it and the balancing effect of its tail.

Cats Have 230 Bones

It is incredible how tiny your cat can be, and yet it possesses more bones than you! Just like human beings, the body framework of a felon is designed by the bones. Its skeleton comprises of four unique bone types that support its body tissues.

Cats Can Sleep Up to an Average of 15 Hours

Your dear feline can shut its eye for an average of 15 hours in a day. This sleeping trend can easily surprise anyone. If this mood of your cat makes you refer to it as a boring company, you need to know that this isn’t personal. These species love sleeping, naturally!

Why do cats take this much rest? It is because they need to be fully resurgent for their next prey. The genetic program of the cats is much similar to that of other wild felines like the lions.

They Have a Specific Vocabulary with Their Owner

Discover These 8 Amazing Facts About Cats
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We are used to the meows of the cat. But, did you know that cats have their way of passing information to you as their owner? It is no wonder pet owners can talk to their cats and receive an instant response.

Cats employ both vocal and visual signs to pass a message to people. While communicating with other cats, they utilize their olfactory and visual organs. When your feline friend says "meow", it is addressing you and not another cat.

Most cats and their owners continue to develop a language to be able to converse. The cat can show its mind-frame from its frequency of meowing. Even with this, cats can prove hard to be understood. 


Now you know some terrific facts about your cat! These species are a great companion to have. Their features can look ordinary, yet, they are not. 

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