Homemade Tricks that Will Make Life Easier

People have been spending more time at home than ever before. Some are willing to tackle some home improvements as they enjoy their time inside. 

While learning to drywall or repair your own patio may be more of a time and money investment than most people are inclined to spend right now, there are plenty of easy projects you can take on to transform your home completely in a few days or less. 

Check out these 7 genius home projects and tricks you can do right now for simpler and quicker ways to spruce up your home! Read on to learn about them.

7 Homemade Tricks that Will Make Life Easier

Gadget Hangers

Turn a bottle of baby lotion into a handheld phone hanging from the charger. Everything is in one place now, and it's way more organized than a jumble of cables.

Do you have some old bottles of plastic that are just about empty? A tub of lotions, a tub of mustards, a box of hairsprays, or shampoos? 

Choose one that is more flattened. The flattened shape will keep the bottle closer to the wall and out of the way once it is placed inside a cell phone.

Floating Bookshelf

Build a bookshelf floating from the books themselves. This creates an illusion that catches the eye and appeals to your friends and relatives. 

If you have a bunch of books or other knick-knacks you want to hang, but you don't want to have a lot of shelves around your home, then why not add these cool invisible shelves instead. It is such a great idea for a bedroom for a teenager – you may want to add a bit of drama to your wall.

Custom Shelves and Framed Shelves

You only need a few hobby lobby brackets and a piece of wood. The best thing about this project is that you can choose whatever wood style you want. You can paint any color there too.

Find some old frames and fasten wood to the tops. This creates a shelf where anything can be displayed in a cool, unique way!

Turn a Poultry Crate Into a Table

Farmers use crates to carry chicks and hens into the market using these old wooden crates. This one can find new life as a coffee table with plenty of board games and book storage!

Garbage Disposal Trick 

Drop one of these easy-to-make tablets down the drain and turn the switch, if your garbage disposal is a little smelly. They're filled with citrus and vinegar, which means they're not only going to disinfect the disposal – they're also going to make it smell great as well.

Just grab a muffin or a brownie pan, and use an ice cube tray if you don't have any of those. Slice up some limes and lemons and place a few in each of the tassels. Then, grab some white distilled vinegar. 

Fill up almost to the top of each cup. Put in a few drops of essential lemon or orange oil for each tablet! Bring your pan, and put it in the freezer carefully. 

Leave it in the freezer to ensure the vinegar freezes full for at least 24 hours. After, you can use place it inside your garbage disposal to avoid the smell!

Organize Your Wooden Utensils

Here's a brilliant idea for a mixed collection of wooden spoons: sand them down, paint them, and dip-dye them for a bright color splash. When dry, cover them with food-safe shellac and prepare to stir.

Sandal Hangers

7 Homemade Tricks that Will Make Life Easier

The old metal hangers you've got on hand are great to hang up and arrange your flip flops and sandals. This is a brilliant idea for metal hangers to repurpose, and it gives you so much room to organize those summer shoes. 

You need metal hangers, and they are very inexpensive at the Dollar Store if you don't have any on hand that you can use. For your flip flops and sandals, this is the ideal storage device!


These projects are not only easy to do, but are also very affordable. You may add a few dollars in it, but try to look for items that are already available in your home and repurpose them! Try out these DIY tricks and tips now! 

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