Samsung 830 SSD Review

Review: Samsung 830 256GB SSD
Reviewed by: Wendy

Provided by: Samsung

Model: MZ-7PC256N/EU
Firmware version: CXM03B1Q


Today I'm taking a look at the Samsung 830 series SSD. It
won't have escaped your notice that the Samsung 830 series was launched roughly
one year ago. For various reasons I was not able to obtain a review sample when
the 830 series was launched. Having said that, I am now in a position to bring
you a review of a product that has had time to mature, and also prove its

The Samsung 830 series of SSDs has become popular with MyCE
members, and that is hardly surprising as the Samsung brand name has a huge
reputation for reliability, and also for bringing excellent quality products to
the market.

One thing that is very different about Samsung SSDs. They
don't rely on anyone else for components, they are all designed and built
in-house, and that includes the SSD controller, NAND, and even the SDRAM cache.


In this review I will be taking a close look at the 830
series 256GB model, which Samsung were very kind to send me for review. The
retail kit that arrived was actually the notebook kit, but since the desktop
and laptop SSD hardware is identical, and only the supplied accessories vary, I
will be testing the drive in a desktop PC.

So let's see how this SSD performs in our range of tests.

Samsung company information

Samsung should need no introduction, but those of you who
would like to find out more about Samsung, can do so at their website.


The Samsung 830 - 256GB SSD

Now it’s time to take a look at the drive itself and what it
came shipped with.


Complete package

Package front

Package rear

Inside the box

The package contained the Samsung 830 series 256GB SSD, SATA
to USB2 adapter, Quick start manual, Software DVD-ROM, and finally a spacer
which allows the 7mm SSD to be mounted in an older laptop.

Samsung 830 256GB SSD

The top of the unit is made of plastic, and looks extremely
nice with its brushed effect.

Drive underside

On the underside of the drive we can see the SATA power and
data connectors, and four drive mounting holes. The bottom of the case is made
from plastic with a metal shield, which also acts as a heat sink for the SSD
controller and NAND. We can also see that the SSD was manufactured in Korea.


The software supplied on the DVD-ROM was as follows.

  • Samsung SSD Magician
  • Norton Ghost 15

The SSD Magician software covers all aspects of maintaining
Samsung SSDs, and I will cover a few of these SSD maintenance features a little
later in this review.

Now let's head to the next page, where we look in more
detail at the Samsung 830 series SSD.....


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