Take a Look at These 5 Saddest Naruto Stories

Are you one person intrigued by fictional stories? Naruto is one of those stories that will catch your attention and keep you interested.

It’s a long-running show based on Mashi Kishimoto’s manga that follows a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki. In the story, Naruto begins by navigating a world that is built around elemental abilities and mystical control. 

Given its cartoon nature, it is a darling for kids. But, adults can enjoy the show too. Naruto’s story has got some episodes that will have you crying because of its emotional breadth. Read on to learn about 5 of the saddest stories in Naruto.

Take a Look at These 5 Saddest Naruto Stories
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The Death of Kushina and Minato

Naruto’s parents Kushina and Minato die before the series begins, they are significant figures in the protagonist and narrative’s development. When a flashback shows you their passing, it’s hard to hold back your tears. 

To prevent the beast’s wrath, the parents attempt to reseal the Kyuubi and in the process are impaled by its claw and know they will die soon. The only choice left is to seal it in their newborn son, Naruto.

As they prepare for their death by performing the seal, the parents tearfully reveal to Naruto what they would have loved to teach him. They have too much love for their son and yet are leaving him very soon. This scene is heartbreaking.

Following Jiraiya’s Death, Iruka Comforts Naruto

Everything surrounding Jiraiya’s death is one of the miserable things to happen to Naruto in the show. Many painful moments relate to his passing but Naruto’s reaction tops the list. 

When Naruto learns of the passing of his mentor, Jiraiya, he is devastated. Feeling weak and sad, he walks to buy a popsicle and sits crying silently while staring at it. A popsicle symbolizes the bond between Jiraiya and Naruto.

Iruka, Naruto’s former teacher walks to him to comfort him. He tells Naruto to continue living and doing things that would make Jiraiya proud. He then picks the popsicle out of Naruto’s hand and breaks it. This is to show Naruto that Iruka will be there for him even in Jiraiya’s absence.

Neji Dies Protecting Hinata

Neji’s death is one of the unexpected deaths in Naruto, and it is one of the most devastating. Neji dies while trying to protect Naruto and Hinata from the horrors of war. 

In the same vein, Neji’s father also died to defend his family after they despised him and considered him inferior. Therefore, he said dying for the sake of his family gave him freedom. 

As Neji dies, he finally understands what his father felt. He also thanks Naruto for helping him to overcome the resentment he felt towards his family.

When Neji was just learning to live resentment-free, that’s when he dies. He dies without ever getting to enjoy total freedom. This scene will tear your heart apart.

The Truth Behind Sasuke’s Family Massacre Revealed

When Sasuke finally achieves vengeance against Itachi for murdering his family, he learns about his brother’s reason. Itachi was forced into it when Danzo gave him two choices. Either Danzo sends Root after his family to kill them or Itachi kills his family himself, which act would save his and Sasuke’s life.

If Itachi had warned the Uchiha clan beforehand, a civil war could have been born. This scared a 13-year-old Itachi. Since it was the only good choice available, Itachi killed his family and the entire clan. 

He had told Sasuke it was his fault so that he wouldn’t grow up with anger against Konoha. When Sasuke knows the truth, he is overcome with pain, anger and despair. What’s even more painful is that Sasuke has just killed Itachi and therefore cannot reconcile with his victimized brother.

Shikamaru and Ino’s Reaction to Their Father’s Demise

Take a Look at These 5 Saddest Naruto Stories
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During the Fourth Shinobi war, Shikaku Nara and Yamanaka Inoichi are killed. When Inoichi communicates Shikaku’s final plan to the soldiers, they let everyone know it’s their time to die. 

It’s at this time that Ino and Shikamaru learn that their father is about to die and they receive his personal and final message. It’s a sad moment, but they can’t mourn their father since they are in the middle of a war zone.


Naruto is a great anime that will captivate you over its many episodes. And, Naruto’s story is one marked with many sad moments that will leave you tearful.