Anonymous promises more to come after daring Christmas hack

Hacker collective Anonymous broke into security advisement company Stratfor’s servers over the holiday weekend, publishing their score – over 200 GBs of names, email addresses and credit card numbers – on Christmas Day. However, the group said on Monday that “LulzXmas” is far from over.

In a new message posted to PasteBin, the hacktivists joked about their holiday festivities and offered victims a small consolation: at least you’re not Stratfor IT.

“Did you have fun looting and plundering from the pocketbooks of the rich and powerful? How about laughing at the reaction of some of their butthurt customers,” asked Anonymous. The group remorselessly told complainants, including DHS employee Cody Sultenfuss and retired Texas Department of Banking worker Allen Barr, to “cry us a river.”

Barr’s credit card was used to make $700 in donations to several charities on Christmas Eve, reported CNN, while Sultenfuss told The Associated Press he wasn’t rich and that the hackers took money he didn’t have.

Additionally, 25,000 IT tickets from Stratfor’s online support database were published – mere salt in the wound, said the group.

“It’s probably not as controversial as the contents of their private mail spools that we’ll be dropping later, but perhaps it will shed some light on just how clueless this company really is when it comes to database security,” said Anonymous.

Anti-sec, the joint operation started in June between Anonymous and the mostly defunct group LulzSec, will continue to publish stolen information this week. According to the hackers, the online customer database of an unnamed military and law enforcement supply store will be leaked on Tuesday.

Despite all the telltale signs, some questioned whether this was all really Anonymous’ doing after an “Emergency Christmas Anonymous Press Release” published on Christmas Day purported Anonymous had nothing to do with the hacking and subsequent data leak.

“Stratfor has been purposefully misrepresented by these so-called Anons and portrayed in false light as a company which engages in activity similar to HBGary,” read the statement. “Sabu (rumored Anonymous boss – ed.) and his crew are nothing more than opportunistic attention whores who are possibly agent provocateurs.”

As of press time, Stratfor’s website is “currently undergoing maintenance.” (via All Things D)