Anti piracy group takes child's laptop

An anti-piracy group in Finland took action against a nine year old Finnish girl for illegally downloading music and obtained a Court warrant for seizure of her laptop.

The father of the child had earlier received a threatening demand for 600 euro coupled with a request to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Unhappy with the way this was handled the father refused to pay the fine only to find the police on his doorstep who then seized his daughter's Winnie the Pooh laptop.

Outcry ensued with the girl's father, the public in general, the Finnish Minister of Culture, and even the artist who's music was downloaded, protesting against what seems to have been heavy handed and disproportionate action.

Anti-piracy group CIAPC however pursued the matter further with the father eventually feeling forced to pay a 300 euro fine to get them off his back.

CIAPC Chief Antti Kotilainen was quoted as saying "We are very happy." and added "In a way, we just continued the original negotiations from where we left off."

TorrentFreak discusses this story further here.

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