Microsoft announces Xbox One - needs internet once a day

To play single player games the newly introduced Xbox One needs to connect to the internet at least once a day. The Xbox One was introduced yesterday and is Microsoft's next generation console. The successor of the Xbox 360 comes with 8 GB of RAM,  a CPU with 8 cores, a 500 GB HDD, a Blu-ray drive, Wifi and USB 3.0.

Using voice commands it's possible to turn the console on and switch between applications. The Xbox One runs three different operating systems, one based on the Windows 8 kernel, an Xbox OS and an OS that connects both operating systems.

The device will also come with new versions of the gesture controller Kinect and of the Smart Glass app which makes it possible to connect to the  console using a smartphone or tablet and use it as a second screen. While there are many improvements over the Xbox 360, the Xbox One also introduces more ways of controlling piracy.

Microsoft's corporate Vice President Phil Harrison has stated that the device needs to connect to the internet at least once in 24 hours in order to play single player games. This is less than the 'always on' which was rumored but the once in 24 hours can still be a problem for users that live in areas where the internet is unstable.

Harrison has also said that second hand games need to be activated on the console of the new owner, it's unclear if the new user has to (partly) pay for this activation.

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