MPAA chief Chris Dodd addresses piracy in Mumbai speech

Motion Picture Association of America CEO Christopher Dodd has urged film professionals in India to band together with Hollywood to combat content theft. Speaking at the Ficci Frames convention in Mumbai this week, Dodd reiterated the trade group’s hardline stance against piracy and invited local representatives to help do their part.

Citing a study from research group Ernst & Young, Dodd said the Indian film industry loses around $1 billion each year to piracy and that 500,000 jobs in the country are threatened.

“It’s simple: When content is stolen, the working men and women who labored to produce it — carpenters, truck drivers, accountants — are not fairly compensated for their work. And the small businesses that also benefit from film production — caterers, dry cleaners, and so many more — are robbed of that revenue,” said Dodd.

Dodd also noted that India remains one of the biggest offenders when it comes to online content theft, but was hopeful that could change. The executive suggested that Indian filmmakers, producers and actors ask government officials to create “strong protections” to help combat piracy while the country’s broadband infrastructure is still in its infancy.

Dodd’s remarks were well-timed. On Friday, the Calcutta High Court ordered 387 ISPs to block access to over 100 illegal music sites. (via MPAA)