Swedish man trolls pirate amnesty program, has IP info subpoenaed

Movie studios that claim to be affected by piracy often are quick to seek punishment against those hurting their bottom lines. One company, Liberty Media, hatched a plan implemented by subsidiary Corbin Fisher that skipped past all that messy legal work and lengthy due process: admit you’re a pirate, pay a fine and they’ll let bygones be bygones.

Plenty of folks legitimately bit out of fear or guilt. One man, however, wrote an email poking fun at the amnesty offer. The response he received was rather surprising.

TorrentFreak detailed the strange story of a Swedish man who goes by “Ryan S” who sent along a smarmy email to Corbin Fisher falsely confessing pirating their product.

“I have been sharing a whole load of your files…on every torrent site like PureTna, Empornium, Kickasstorrents, etc. I am very sorry for doing so and would like to pay you the $1,000 for amnesty,” begins the message.

Sounds sincere so far, but things quickly turn weird.

“This is of course from the pot of gold that I got from the leprechaun at the end of the rainbow,” continues the email. “To be honest I have not gotten it as yet. After I downloaded the ‘Far Cry’ the leprechaun tells me I can only get the money after I watch the movie, but it sucks so bad I keep putting it off…even though it’s a free download.”

The rest of the bizarre letter mentions a talking unicorn with a dirty mouth and the taunt that Ryan is in Europe, not the US.

Clearly written in jest, Ryan didn’t expect it to be taken seriously. “I figured I would get a few laughs from it,” he told the site. “I have never downloaded their ‘product.'”

Ryan wasn’t laughing when he opened a letter from Google weeks after sending the brazen email informing him a subpoena for the Swede’s IP information was filed by Corbin Fisher. The U.S.-based adult entertainment provider had taken his confession seriously, despite the talk of curse-spewing unicorns and pots of gold.

In an attempt to clarify himself and possibly prevent further legal hassle, Ryan contacted Corbin Fisher himself, reports the site. He learned his admission of “guilt” wasn’t taken as the joke it was meant to be, and the company’s legal division had added Ryan to a long list of John Does it was currently gathering evidence on.

Ryan, despite stating he had not pirated anything, was under investigation for pirating.

MyCE reached out to Corbin Fisher for comment on this story, but received no reply as of press time. If the company does provide a substantive response, this story will be updated immediately. (Via TorrentFreak)