Corsair Force MP500 NVMe SSD review


Review: Corsair
Force MP500

Reviewed by: Antonis

Provided by: Corsair

Model: Corsair Force MP500 480GB NVMe SSD

Firmware version: E7FM02.1




Corsair is a name that managed to surprised
me positively even back when I purchased my first SSD, and if my memory serves me
well it was a Nova 64GB SSD, which back then was a life changing experience.
Nowadays SSDs have reached a point where they’re very fast, and also very well
priced, so when I tested the Neutron XTi it was another surprise for me, which
made me excited about what would be possible when Corsair finally release an
NVMe SSD. That day is finally here, and Corsair has now released the Force
MP500 NVMe SSD, the first NVMe SSD from Corsair and at the time of writing the
review the fastest drive that Corsair has made. Before I start the review, I
would advise you to visit their website to find out more about Corsair and all
their products, simply click here.

So let’s start this review by taking a quick
look at the packaging and its contents, followed by some benchmarks.

Corsait Force MP500 480GB NVMe SSD

As always, I will start this review by
taking a quick look at the package and the contents that are included with the Corsair
Force MP500 NVMe SSD. We will start with the package.

Here is a look at the front of the box.

Also the rear of the box.


The front of the Corsair Force MP500 SSD.


Here is the rear of the Corsair Force MP500


Specifications of the Corsair Force MP500 480GB NVMe SSD


Looking at the specifications of the
Corsair Force MP500 you have to be impressed. Read speed is up to 3000MB/s and the
write speed of the Force MP500 can be up to 2400MB/s. The Corsair Force MP500
is using MLC NAND made by Toshiba, and it uses a Phison PS5007-E7 controller.
The drive is available in three sizes, 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB. With the
exception of the 120GB drive you should have all the room that you need to
install your OS, the applications that you need, and some games. You can find
out more about the pricing by taking a look at the Corsair website, but as
always prices will change over time. NVMe drives are at a premium but it’s
usually a small price to pay for all that additional speed.



the above screenshot we can see all the available info for the Corsair Force
MP500 480GBB NVMe SSD.


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