Corsair MP300 240GB NVMe SSD Review

Desktop PC – Real World Benchmarks

PCMark 8 Storage Benchmark 2.0

This is how Futuremark describes the PCmark 8 Storage
Benchmark –

PCMark 8 Storage benchmark is ideal for testing the
performance of SSDs, HDDs and hybrid drives. 

Using traces recorded from Adobe Creative Suite,
Microsoft Office and a selection of popular games, PCMark 8 Storage highlights
real-world performance differences between storage devices. You do not need to
have these applications installed on your system to run the Storage benchmark.

The PCMark 8 Storage benchmark test contains the
following workload traces: Adobe Photoshop light, Adobe Photoshop heavy, Adobe
Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, World of Warcraft and Battlefield 3

You can read a detailed description of each storage test and
how the overall score is calculated in the PCMark 8 Technical Guide by clicking

The results from this benchmark are, I feel, a valuable
insight into how a drive will support real world applications.

I thank Futuremark for providing Myce with a license to use
PCMark 8 Pro.

Here is the result for the Corsair MP300 –

Here is a comparison of the overall score with the other
client products I have tested –

You can see that in this all important Real World benchmark
the Corsair MP300 has achieved an excellent result, which is ahead of all the SATA
drives I have reviewed but behind the other NVMe drives.


File Copy Benchmarks

FastCopy is a useful program for recording how long copying
files to and from a drive takes. FastCopy can be downloaded here.

A Ram Disk (a virtual drive held in RAM) is used as the
source drive when a file is ‘copied to’ the test drive and is then used as the
destination when a file is ‘copied from’ the test drive.  This ensures that the
test drive is on the critical path for the time taken.

Here are the results – 

Copy a Blu-ray Movie to the Corsair MP300

The Corsair MP300 is let down by the relatively small size
of its SLC Write Cache in this test (please see Sustained Sequential Write Test,
on page 6).

Copy a Blu-ray Movie from the Corsair MP300

An excellent result.

Copy a Game to the Corsair MP300

Again, the Corsair MP300 is let down by the relatively small
size of its SLC Write Cache in this test. 

Copy a Game from the Corsair MP300


An excellent result.

Copy a folder of JPEGs to the Corsair MP300


This time the write activity does not exceed the size of the
MP300’s SLC Write Cache and an excellent result is achieved.

Copy a folder of JPEGs from the Corsair MP300

An excellent result.

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for the OakGate FOB Tests…..