Crucial 4x4GB 2133MHz DDR4 RAM review


Product: Crucial
4x4GB 2133 DDR4 RAM
Reviewed by: Antonis

Provided by: Crucial




DDR4 is here and is the next step up from
DDR3 RAM, however it will probably take some extra time for DDR4 to be as
popular as DDR3, and is currently only a necessary evil for all of us that have
decided to move to an X99 based system. Hopefully those that opted to wait for
a more mainstream platform from Intel, hopefully soon from AMD also, should get
all the benefits of DDR4 and maybe a more attractive price.

But now is not the time to speak about
pricing, or what the future holds for DDR4, now we need to focus on what DDR4
can currently deliver. As an evolution from DDR3 we are introduced to a higher
speed, making 2133MHz the standard, and then moving upwards to much higher
speeds. We should also expect higher density modules and at the same time there
is another major advantage, the lower voltage that DDR4 needs,  1.2 volts
making it more efficient.

Most of this you already know, so let’s not
spend any more time on introductions and start taking a look at the Crucial
2133MHz 4x4GB DDR4. As always I will start with the packaging and then move
forward to testing.

Company info.

It’s hard not have heard of the name
Crucial, but if you need to you can always find out more info about Crucial,
their history, and also their products, simply by clicking the link here.

Now let’s start this first look by taking a
close look at the packaging of the Crucial 2133MHz DDR4 RAM.

Crucial 2133MHz 4x4GB 2133MHz DDR4

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the
package and what it comes shipped with.


As we can expect from a value RAM the
sticks come in a separate packages, this way you can get exactly the memory
that you need, in my case it was 4x4GB. As we can see the memory runs at
2133MHz, and it only uses 1.2 volts. Other than that there isn’t anything out
of the ordinary to report. The memory also has a lifetime warranty.


A look at both sides of the Crucial 2133MHz

front side of the memory, there are eight memory chips that are covered by two
stickers. On those stickers there is some extra information about the RAM.

the back of the DDR4 RAM there is absolutely nothing.

a quick look on the sticker that is in the plastic case.


Let’s move on and see what Crucial shop has
to offer when it comes to RAM.