Intel DC P3700 1.6TB NVMe Enterprise SSD Review – An Awesome Machine

The tests are designed to show the Random and Sequential,
Read and Write, performance metrics for different combinations of Queue Depth
and IO size.


As the Intel P3700 is clearly an awesome performer we have
run these tests up to a queue depth of 128 (rather than the normal of 32).

edit 15/07/2014 -PLEASE NOTE – due to an error, made by me, in the
configuration of my Submission and Completion queues (which meant that
I had a shortage of completion queue entries available to support queue
depths over 32) the tests were actually constrained to a reduced
performance level – needless to say the drive actually runs far faster!
Please see my upcoming review of the 800GB Intel DC P3700.

Here are the results –


Random Reads




You can see that increasing the queue depth to 64 and 128
has seen a significant increase in performance for the 4K IO Size (over the
result for a queue depth of 32). 




Random Writes

Here you can see a distinctive and healthy IOPS peak for the
4K IO Size.  




Sequential Reads



Sequential Writes




Now let’s head to the next page, to look at the results
for the Myce/Oakgate 4K Mixed Reads/Writes Tests…..


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