Intel DC S3700 Review - a full Performance Characterisation


The Intel SSD DC S3700 is a state of the art SATA based
Enterprise drive.

It offers an excellent balance of performance together with
endurance, data reliability, and data integrity features.


I understand Intel’s recommended channel pricing for the
200GB 2.5” model is USD 470.  I found the 200GB listed by in the UK
for £384. 

It is easy to imagine that discounts would be available for
large Enterprise customers buying in a large volume.

Myce thanks Intel for supplying a sample for review.


We were delighted that our first Enterprise review was
performed on a drive from a world class manufacturer.  For, it creates
an excellent yardstick and basis for comparing subsequent SATA based Enterprise
solutions that we hope to review.

I am pleased to award the drive a rating of Excellent and to
name it as the current Editor’s Choice from amongst SATA based Enterprise

Final Words – The Intel SSD DCS3700 deserves its reputation
as a first class Enterprise SSS solution.





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