Intel DC S3500 480GB Enterprise SSD Review



Review: Intel DCS3500 480GB Enterprise SSD
Reviewed by: J.Reynolds
Provided by: Intel
Firmware version:

Welcome to Myce’s review of the Intel DC S3500 SATA Enterprise

Market Positioning and Specification

Market Positioning


This is how Intel positions the DC S3500 -

The DC S3500 has exactly the same components as the DC S3700
that we tested in May 2013 – DC
S3700 200GB Review
- with the exception that the DC S3500 has 20nm MLC NAND
and the DC S3700 has 25nm eMLC NAND. The DC S3500 also sets aside far less NAND
for use by the controller for the equivalent total size of NAND, so for example
the DCS3700 400GB drive has the same total amount of NAND as the 480GB DCS3500
as tested in this review.  The DC S3700 proved to be an excellent, consistent
drive and was awarded our Editor’s Choice award from amongst SATA Enterprise
drives.  For applications with high write demands Intel continues to promote
the DC S3700.


It will be interesting to see how the switch to 20nm NAND
has changed the performance characterisation.


Here is Intel’s specification for the DC S3500 (taken
directly from Intel’s Specification PDF) -

Product Image

Here is a picture of the Intel DC S3500s that I tested –



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