Optiarc BC-5500S Slim Laptop Drive Review

Review: Optiarc BC-5500S
Reviewed by: MegaDETH
Provided by: Sony Optiarc

Firmware: 1.05
Manufactured: May 2009

Sony Optiarc America was kind enough to send us the Slim
Internal BC-5500S BD Combo drive. The Optiarc BC-5500S is a Slim Internal SATA
drive capable of writing DVD media at 8x, CD-R media at 16x, DVD-RAM at 5x and
DVD Dual Layer media at 4x. This BD Combo drive is also capable of Reading all
Blu-ray media as well as playing Blu-ray movies.

In this review we will show the performance
of the Optiarc BC-5500S by running the drive through many tests on a
considerable amount of various CD/DVD media.

Corporate Information:

We took a quick look at the company information found at Sony Optiarc USA site:

Sony Optiarc Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sony
group, and will seek to strengthen its interaction with Sony group’s product
and device businesses to further streamline decision-making processes, enhance
management responsiveness and further reinforce its next-generation optical
disc drive business.

If you are interested in reading more about Sony Optiarc USA, please visit: http://www.sony-optiarc.com/index.html.

Drive Specifications:

Let us take a look at the detailed specifications of the Optiarc BC-5500S Blu-ray Combo drive:

What’s inside the box?

Let’s take a look at the drive:

As we can see, the retail package contains almost everything
you need to get started:

  • Optiarc BC-5500S Bare drive

Now let’s take look at some screen shots of the drive





Drive Sticker

Here we can see the drive was Made in Malaysia, May of 2009.

Now, let us connect the drive and check out the features,
program bundle and writing technology on the next page…

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