Plextor PX-612U review


Review: Plextor PX-612U
Reviewed by: Antonis

Provided by: Plextor EU
Firmware: 1.02
Manufactured: April 2012

The Plextor name
is well known among the MyCE community, mainly for their outstanding CD-RW and
DVD-RW drives. Over the last few years Plextor has also expanded their product
line by adding NAS and SSDs to their portfolio, however Plextor is still
manufacturing optical drives, and most importantly they keep the quality of
their products as high as they used to back in the days when they had the “King
of quality” logo.

In case that you
don’t know the history of Plextor, you can always visit their website and find
all the information that you need, by clicking here.

Plextor was kind
enough to provide me with the PX-612U external burner. What makes this drive
unique is the ability for it to be connected to a TV and be used as a source
for playback, Plextor has named this PlexTV. Alongside this you will also find
all the typical read and burn functions for CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW DL media, but
we will look at all these features in more detail later in this review.

For now let’s
start with the specifications, the packaging, and also what comes with the


Drive Specifications

Here we can see
the specifications of the Plextor PX-612U, as they appear on the Plextor website.


Now let’s take a
look at the packaging that the drive is shipped in.

The drive that Plextor
sent me was the retail version, and we can see the package and contents below.

Box front

Box rear

Top side


Box left and right sides


What’s inside the box

Now it’s time to
take a look at the drive itself and what the drive came shipped with.

The retail package
contained the drive, a split Y USB cable, two software discs, an instruction
manual for PlexUtilities, a warranty and quick start guide, a cleaning cloth
and a carrying pouch. Plextor has done an outstanding job on the packaging and
include everything you need.

Now let’s take a look at the drive.

Drive front

The front of the Plextor
PX-612U has the Plextor logo on the left side and the drive name, after that
there is a blue LED, the EJECT button and the emergency EJECT hole. On the
right side we found the regular logos for CD-R/DVD+R and DVD-R.

Drive rear

At the back of the
drive there is only the USB connection.

Drive top

Drive bottom

On the bottom of
the drive we can see the labels with all the info, and we can see also that the
drive was manufactured on April 2011 in China.

A closer look inside
the Plextor PX-612U. Disassembling the drive is a very easy task as you only
have to remove the four top screws, however I don’t recommend doing this,
and also remember that by opening your drive you will invalidate your

The Plextor PX-612U is using the MEDIATEK MT1807LN

Now let’s head
to the next page where we take a look at the features of the drive….