Toshiba N300 6TB High Reliability HDD Review

Review: Toshiba N300 6TB HDD


Reviewed by: J.Reynolds

Provided by: Toshiba

Firmware version: FS1M



Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba N300 6TB SATA High
Reliability (hereafter referred to as the N300).

This review follows our earlier review of the Toshiba X300
6TB High Performance HDD, which you can see by clicking here.
It is immediately apparent, as you can see below, that the N300 and the X300
drives are very similar as from the outside they appear to be identical.  They
also have very similar performance characteristics and thus all that we said
about the X300 being deserving of its ‘High Performance’ description is also
true of the N300.


The N300 is also available in capacities of 4TB and 8TB. 
Just like the X300 the N300 has a 128MB DRAM buffer.

What differentiates the N300 from the X300 is a 3 Year
standard warranty period (up from the X300’s 1 Year) and some important
features that make it ideal for use in NAS (‘Networked Access Storage’)
enclosures.  Typically NAS enclosures pack a number of drives closely together,
which can lead to challenges for heat dissipation (particularly during periods
of intense usage) and from the effects (and knock on effects from one drive to
the next) of drive vibrations, which could, if unchecked, ultimately cause a
mechanical failure.    

Market Positioning and Specification

Market Positioning

This is how Toshiba positions the N300 series of HDDs –


Now let's head to the next page, to look at the Testing Approach
adopted in this review.....


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