Toshiba OCZ RC100 480GB NVMe SSD Review

Review: Toshiba OCZ RC100 480GB


Reviewed by: J.Reynolds

Provided by:  Toshiba

Firmware:  ADRA0101



Welcome to Myce’s review of the Toshiba OCZ RC100 480GB NVMe
SSD (hereafter referred to as the Toshiba RC100).

The Toshiba RC100 is the second m.2 NVMe drive, I have
tested, that uses only 2 PCIe lanes (the first was the Corsair MP300).

Like Corsair, Toshiba aspires to create a new market segment
which lies between SATA SSDs and ‘premium’ NVMe SSDs. Please read on to find if
they are likely to succeed.



To get started let’s have a look at the Toshiba RC100’s
packaging -


 The first thing you will notice is that the RC100 is
shorter than is typical for m.2 drives.


Market Positioning and Specification

This is how Toshiba positions the RC100 -







Here is Toshiba’s specification for the RC100 –

Now let's head to the next page, to look at my approach
to testing Client SSDs.....


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