How to Download Citrix Workspace for Your Company

Imagine ten different apps open on your PC at the same time, all on different platforms. You’re tangled in a web of different passwords, unsynced data, and login IDs. Managing such an unorganized virtual workspace may take a toll on productivity.

And if you run an enterprise with hundreds of employees, the situation becomes even worse. Did you know that an average employee uses 36 cloud services for their work? That’s why cloud-integrating solutions like Citrix Workspace can work wonders for your employees.

Citrix workspace synchronizes all your apps and services across different devices to offer unified work experience. You can manage your team, all your content, and database in one place using Citrix. Let’s learn more about what Citrix has in store for your company.

About Citrix Workspace

Citrix is a platform that offers a digital workspace that provides all tools and services required by employees in one place. The Citrix workshop is an app that unifies all data, apps, and services used by employees. It will help you adopt and keep track of the complex cloud environment on which your company runs. In simple terms, Citrix workspace makes it easier for your employees to access the content and applications they need.

Citrix solutions have helped more than 4,00,000 client companies which also includes 98% of the Fortune 500 companies. Besides digital workspaces, the company also offers network, security, and analytics services to organizations.

Benefits of the Software

The key benefits of Citrix workspace are related to three main functions of employees in an organization. Citrix helps you organize all your work resources by keeping them in one place. It streamlines all workflows and equips you with the ability to dig up relevant information across all files. 

Next, the Citrix workspace guides the employees to individual-specific information by removing all clutter. Employees can also collaborate with each other from any place. Lastly, Citrix helps automate many business processes so that employees spend little time on work that has little business value. It reduces the number of clicks, logins, and swipes as employees maneuver through different tools.

Features of Citrix Workspace

Some key features of the Citrix workspace that drive digital transformation are the following.

  1. Anywhere access to Windows virtual apps, start menu, and web access through any browser while working in the digital space.
  2. Single sign-on access to corporate, web, and SaaS applications and different device form factors.
  3. Available in many global languages like English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and more.
  4. Citrix workspace offers unified endpoint management across all OS, including iOS, Android, Windows, etc.
  5. Remote browser isolation for protection from browser-based attacks by isolating all browsing activity.
  6. Powerful integration tools for content collaboration in which users can share, access, store, and work on secure links to work files.
  7. Tools to stimulate workplace intelligence, including virtual assistance and templates for micro-app actions.

How Much does Citrix Software Cost?

Citrix workspace comes with affordable plans for enterprises of all types and sizes. Citrix has three subscription plans for businesses. They include the Standard, Premium, and Premium Plus plans. 

For an enterprise of 500 employees, a one-year contract can cost around $9.23 per user in the Standard plan. However, it can go up to $31.88 per user in the Premium Plus workspace plan. As the number of employees increases, the cost per user decreases accordingly. Buying a three-year contract is cost-effective as it results in savings of up to 20%.

How to Download

You can request a demo of the workspace to make up your mind about the product. Once satisfied, create a Citrix account and purchase a plan for your organization. After that, follow these steps to download the workspace.

  1. Go to the official Citrix website and visit the “Downloads” section.
  2. Click the “Select a product” toggle and choose Citrix workspace from the dropdown list.
  3. It is a restricted download so you’ll have to sign-in to your registered Citrix account.
  4. Set-up your workspace suite and visit support for help while setting up.

The Bottom Line

About 47% of business leaders consider simplified access to all information as the biggest contributor to employee engagement. That’s why a systemized integration workspace like Citrix empowers your people to work anytime, anywhere without distractions.