Valorant – Discover the Best Game Tips Here

Riot Games, the designer of League of Legends, has once again proven to be a hard worker and came up with the next best thing when it comes to multiplayer games – Valorant

This is Riot’s first shooter game, but they’ve improved it by adding a mixture of other features from similar games and managed to give a unique experience to its players. 

Let’s get acquainted better with this new game, and see how you can improve your playing. 

FEATURES of the Game

Valorant was first announced as Project A in October 2019. Riot Games made an official announcement of the game as Valorant a few months later. This game combines a few aspects from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, and the famous League of Legends. 

It’s a 5v5 multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) based on a two teams’ game, in which one team defends and the other one attacks. Being a shooter game, it’s very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, where the defending squad needs to stop the attacking squad from placing and detonating bombs called Spikes. 

Even if bombs are planted, if any of the teams are ended before they win, the opposite team will automatically win. 

In order to win a game, a team needs to win 13 rounds. Matches have 25 rounds that last 100 seconds each. 

The game grants the player 30 seconds at the beginning of each round to buy new weapons and to select the gear you want for the starting round. If your character dies in a round, you will only be able to play again in the following round. 

It may sound pretty identical to CS: GO’s Defuse game mode, but what makes a difference is that, unlike CS:GO, you also have Agents available to choose along with your gear before a round starts. 

Agents help you in your rounds because they have different skills, such as popping walls wherever you need them or heal your character. 


Starting from June 2nd, 2020, all PC players will be able to play Valorant for free

Tips on HOW To Play

Valorant is highly similar to other first-person shooter games, which will ease your understanding of the game if you’re a player of the FPS category. However, Valorant still delivers a unique experience, and that is mostly because of its Agents feature. 

Valorant gives you control of both your character and Agents that have more than just one ability, and you can decide which agent to pick in each round depending on the combat situation you’re facing.

There are four types of Agents.

  • Initiator: They are skilled with guns, and they are very good with difficult shooting angles, giving your squad a big advantage in a battlefield.
  • Duelist: The best Agent you can pick, they can eliminate groups of enemies at once.
  • Controller: This one controls battlefields. They lock down areas and block lines of sight for the team.
  • Sentinel: These agents protect and support your team.

The first thing you need to learn with Valorant is the Agents abilities. By knowing what they do, you can fully use them for any round you may find difficult.

The Open Range is something you really need to check. It’s the best way to test the Agents and their full abilities, as well as weapons, because it grants you an unlimited amount of funds just for this. This will help you not to spend money on weapons you don’t like. You can test any Agent here, Agents that don’t necessarily need to be unlocked.

Valorant will offer 5 Agents right at the beginning: Jett, Sova, Brimstone, Phoenix, and Sage. 

Jett and Phoenix are both duelists, while Sova is an Initiator, Brimstone is a Controller and Sage is a Sentinel. Under the beta version, you will receive 2 free agents, when you earn 10,000 XP and the second at 25,000 XP. Don’t use them unless you really need them. 

Each player has its own play mode, so until you figure out which is yours, it would be best not to unlock any new Agents, and just use the ones you have as much as you can, 


Valorant can undoubtedly be a very addictive game, much like CS, but the Agents given make a whole new experience. It can improve your gaming skills a lot, and help your team win round after round. And the best thing is that it’s soon to be free to play, from June 2nd.