World of Warcraft - Get Limited Free Play

Play the most popular online game in the whole world: World of Warcraft (WoW). Are you an experienced player? Even better! 

You can buy game time right from Blizzard using your stacks of Gold. This will allow you to play as much as you want without having to spend any real money.


Get ready to find out how to have fun in one of the most interactive online games. It’s time to explore!

FEATURES of the Game

Log in and start playing as soon as you’re done creating your character. You can jump-start at level 110 if you use the free boost from purchasing the Battle for Azeroth. You will also be presented with a bunch of introductory quests that will help you speed up the specialization process. Right after that, you will be able to get right into Battle for Azeroth’s main quests. 

If you’re playing as a new level player, the game will begin for you in an area that matches your chosen race. And World of Warcraft is so player-friendly nowadays that leveling up doesn’t even need a guide, it’s that easy! All the information you might need comes in accessible in-game tutorials.


To point out how intuitive WoW is, let’s have an example. People with yellow exclamation marks over their heads are the people you need to talk to in the game to pick up new quests. This will be the key to earning experience points and the help you need to explore the game.

Take time to read the quest text. This is so important; you really shouldn’t miss it. And yes, it can be tempting to skip over dialogues and just get to the murdering of the gnolls part, but World of Warcraft is so much richer, with an intriguing, detailed story. 

The story will amuse and entertain you, and it’s important to have that extra bit of context for when you need to kill a specific someone or find a rare object. All of the quests come together to create an awesome, fun tale of adventure.


By level 10, you should be completely, or at least almost done with your starting zone. After that, you will find out that a bunch of new zones become available to you. 

In the past, World of Warcraft used to have limited dynamic level scaling for all the expansions and old zones. But now, instead of having strict requirements for levels, the zones have the so-called level ranges made to adapt and suit your character’s level. 

What’s amazing about this new system is that monsters and quests will always match your level so you can now enjoy and focus more on each zone’s story.

Don’t be worried about choosing which zone to head to, as there are no wrong answers. Each zone comes with its own self-contained storyline, so there’s no “set in stone” ways or correct paths in order to the max level - follow your instinct and go for what sounds coolest and doesn’t require getting through half of the world. 


With a free account, you can level up to Level 20, and you’ll be able to continue playing after that (without collecting additional XP). With a free account, you will be limited to 10 Gold. You will also be limited to the in-game communication, which means that you will not be able to join Guilds. 

With a lapsed subscription, you will have a starter account with similar restrictions. The only difference is that you can join a Guild. You can also create a new character whenever you wish, but you cannot use level 20 characters or higher. 

The main benefit of a starter account is that it allows you to play as much as you want before deciding whether you like it. 

HOW To Play/Download

These instructions can be followed whether you have a physical copy of the game, or if you might need to reinstall WoW after you bought it. 

  1. Download  Blizzard app and install it.
  2. Log in.
  3. Click the World of Warcraft icon, you can find it on the left side.
  4. Click Install.


World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the biggest online games in the world. With a complex and compelling story, you can now solve quests, fight, and discover the world in the most intuitive manner. What is even better, you now know how to get limited free play and see it all for yourself!

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