World of Warcraft – Learn Some Strategies and Level Up

World of Warcraft is a video game that was created by Blizzard Entertainment, and it is wildly popular with massive multiplayer online role-playing. 

This game takes place in the mythical and expansive world of Azeroth. World of Warcraft enables thousands of players to play at the same time in a super evolving virtual world over the Internet. 

In the game, players usually create unique characters from 8 races and 9 powerful classes. Read on to learn more about World of Warcraft, and how you can level up in the game.

World of Warcraft - Learn Some Strategies and Level Up
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The Races

The races will help you give some variability to the character types. They also help to individualize characters in each class, and they have a plethora of skills and abilities that can enhance the levels of characters in the game.

The change in abilities only exists when the characters respect their talents. This game keeps the content variable and enables having long-term playability.

Don’t Use Hacks

If you are new to the game, then do not use hacks. If you are caught cheating or hacking anything, you will end up being banned from the game

Simply ignore people who tell you to use hacks. They are a waste of your money and they are trying to get into your personal account. Just play the game the way you are supposed to.

Rest Credit

When your character rests, you will get a 200% experience bonus for defeating monsters. When you are in a city or an inn, you will get rest credit up to four times the same rate elsewhere. The maximum rest credit you will be able to accumulate is one and half levels worth.

Please note that a 200% bonus cannot be applied to the experience that has been received from quests. When a quest is competed when you are resting, then the normal experience is acquired and the rest state will be pushed back to allow the equal amount of rest state.

Complete Quests

You will be able to level up faster when you complete quests. In your quest log, you will see a long list of quests that you can do. These quests in the list will be shown in one of the four main colors depending on the level of the quest.

Red signifies an almost impossible quest for you. Level it up or do it in a group. Orange quests are hard, but they are doable when alone. They will get you the most experience when they are completed.

Yellow quests are moderately simple, and green quests are very easy. Grey quests do not require any experience at all. You can skip them if you want unless you think they are fun.

Other Types of Quests

Elite quests are meant to be done in groups, and they are often very hard to do alone. Please note that quests must be done alone or in a small group of around five players.  

They are not doable while in a raid group. Some quests, such as the priest epic quests and the hunter quests, will require the player to do them alone.

Time Management

World of Warcraft - Learn Some Strategies and Level Up
Image Source: Eurogamer

Try and do several quests at a time, and while collecting plain-strider beaks. The Zhevra hooves found in the Barrens can also be collected by the Raptor heads. Most times, while doing low-level quests, it’s possible to pick up several quests in the same location.


World of Warcraft is not new to most people. These strategies are most ideal for a beginner who has never played the game before, although even the novices can learn a thing or two especially when it comes to leveling up.