Western Digital has announced new apps and features for its relatively unsung WD TV Live streaming media player, chief among them VUDU's collection of digital movie rentals. Several other paid and free on-demand services, including SnagFilms, XOS College Sports, SEC Digital Network, Comedy Time and Watch Mojo, were also added to the set-top box's growing roster this week.
A years-long decline in the home video retail market will continue and worsen unless the newly-minted digital locker system Ultraviolet picks up steam, said an analyst at research company IHS. According to the firm, spending on disc-based movies and TV shows has fallen by billions in the past seven years to land at the current $9.9 billion figure.
In the weeks leading up to the debut of the highly-anticipated third Transformers flick "Dark of the Moon," analysts, experts and Hollywood itself painted the Michael Bay blockbuster as a sort of last stand for 3D. Interest in the medium was already cited as declining, so many reasoned that without a stalwart success this summer the downward spiral would continue unabated. Was "Transformers 3" in 3D a success? Basically, yes. Did it renew interest in 3D films? Maybe.
Ditching the illegal but keeping the free, infamous Swedish torrent depot The Pirate Bay announced on Monday an initiative dubbed "The Promo Bay" to help new and struggling musicians and filmmakers. The ongoing contest will offer the site's own home page to lucky winners.
The costly 3D TVs are not selling, the 3D movie tickets are being passed up for cheaper 2D ones, and the poor quality of most 3D film conversions have caused the overused three dimensional fad to drop off significantly.
Last fall, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had a plan: to spin off the company's successful by-mail DVD rental business into a new outfit called Qwikster. Basically, it was Netflix with a new (and silly) name. Prices would remain the same, and all subscribers had to do was bookmark a new site. As it turned out, it wasn't a very good plan. Hastings pulled a 180 mere weeks after announcing it, killing the split and keeping Netflix, well, Netflix.
Warner Bros., Universal Pictures and Sony could soon score a powerful new ally for their nascent digital distribution platform UltraViolet. According to insider talk, Wal-Mart will pledge support to the electronic sell-through and disc-to-digital service next week.
First, music geeks. Then, the world. Apple's iCloud and Google Music Beta helped catapult cloud-based storage into the mainstream lexicon last year, allowing users to store downloaded tracks online and access them on myriad devices. That's only the beginning, says Gartner.
Xbox 360 owners with paid Xbox Live Gold accounts and existing subscriptions to Comcast's Xfinity, HBO GO and MLB.tv can now access the trio's programming directly through their consoles.
A new streaming service has joined the league of online streaming platforms that already includes some big names like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. If you are a TV buff or film fanatic, the launch of the Disney...
The Walt Disney franchise is known for its family-family films and even more for heart-warming stories. Despite the numerous Disney film stories that the franchise has created, there’s no denying that some of these movie adaptations have true stories...
Companies looking to offer movie and TV content to viewers directly in the living room have a few different viable options available. As DVD sales decline, the obvious choice is streaming content via Web-connected electronics, set-top boxes, and game consoles, even though some companies struggle to find ways to expand their reach.
CDFreaks speaks with Forrester Research regarding 3D technology.
YouTube will begin sharing advertising revenue with users who upload original content that becomes popular on the No. 1 video sharing web site in the world.
For the second time in one year, Blockbuster has warned that it may have to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
Prepare for a sudden jolt to the price of 3D movie tickets, as theater chains try to cash in on the trend.