Check Out the Best Artificial Intelligence Apps for Android and iOS

How many times did you wish for a phone app that had the intelligence to make your life easier?

With the new AI apps that become available regularly, you have quite a vast choice these days.

In this post, we take a look at some of these apps that will bring great benefits to your life and make it easier.

Features Of the Cortana App

The notebook feature is quite a quick way for Cortana to know you faster than the normal AI-based learning of the app. All reminders, whether they are people-based or location-based, can easily quickly beset with this great feature that is added in the app.

Conversions for currency and measures can be easily done with the mathematics feature that comes with the Cortana app. The voice activation feature of this app is quite reliable and very accurate and very simple and easy to use.

Cortana has quite a powerful search feature that will quickly search your storage for files and items you need to find. You can quickly and easily ask Cortana to compose emails for you after you dictated the details of the contents.

The browser called Edge will help to identify anything you may highlight in the browser and give a clear explanation of it. Even if you are looking for a restaurant, it will provide you with recent reviews on it when you highlight it.

The cross-device compatibility feature will allow the app to communicate everything to all your current devices from your laptop to mobile devices. With multitasking capability, you can look at emails and browse the internet while asking for Cortana information about other things.

With a more personal touch and some humor, Cortana sounds more like a personal assistant than an app on your device.

Who It Is Suited To

This app is great for everybody that needs a personal assistant that will efficiently and quickly do the menial jobs for you.


If you have a Microsoft account, you can download this app for free from their website to use on your device.


  • The app is easy to use
  • It can be integrated with other Microsoft products
  • There are a lot of great features included
  • Can be used across different platforms


  • You must have a Microsoft account to use it
  • It is relying a lot on Bing

How To Download It

You can get the app for your Android device from Google Play or for your iOS devices from the App Store.

How To Use It

  1. Activate the app on your smartphone and select what you want to do in the menu.
  2. Tap settings
  3. Tap phone settings
  4. Set as the default assistant
  5. Select Cortana
  6. Agree

See the following YouTube video on how to use Cortana.

Features Of the Hound App

The voice activation feature is quick and quite accurate and will respond to simple commands from you. It will quickly and easily search the information you asked for with the search feature that is included.

You have quick and easy access to Spotify playlists to play your favorite music when you need it. This app is free for all platform devices and can be used with all the features that come with it.

Who It Is Suited To

This app is ideal for those people who do not want to use their hands to activate playlists and search engines on their devices.


The Hound app for your Android, as well as for the iOS mobile devices and smartphones, is free of charge.


  • Easy to use and has great AI-based features
  • Available on multi-platforms
  • Quick to install and set it up
  • It uses open-source code


  • It is a bit limited
  • Still in the developing stage

How To Download And Use It

You can download the app for Android devices from the Google Play site free of charge. You can also download the app for all iOS devices free of charge from the App Store.

For thorough instructions on how to use the Hound App, see the following YouTube video.


Both these apps are great AI-enabled apps that can be used on multi-platforms to make your online life much easier. Go and get the one that is most suitable for you and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

Get anyone of them now for free before you regret it.

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