Discover This App to Help Train a Dog

When you think about dogs, you immediately go to a happy place where all you receive is love. Dogs are little angels but are also very fierce guardians especially when it comes to our family. 

However, they can also be very mischievous and will require discipline in the form of training. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to train your dogs such as potty training and excessive barking. 

If you want to train your dog with the help of professionals, you can always make good use of the technology that is available to us today. Take good care of your pet by finding the best app to help train your dog.

Discover This App to Help Train a Dog
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Dog Training App with Clicker by Dogo

Dog Training App with Clicker is a unique dog training app that integrates the use of sound signals during the training process. 

The clicker helps reduce the training time of up to 40% making the entire process more convenient for both the dog and the owner. The clicker sounds are specific and should be done during puppy training.

With a wide list of sound options, dog training is much easier and the results are more successful. The app also has a flashlight option for deaf dogs. 

Dog Training App with Clicker can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store

Training Programs

If you want to know which kind of dog training should be done first, the app provides up to 5 different dog training programs starting from the basics down to strengthening your relationship with your pet. 

New Dog Program

The New Dog training program helps puppies with potty training as well as several dog tricks that reduce stress and even help with proper puppy obedience.

Basic Obedience Program

The Basic Obedience program is for dogs who have issues with ownership and discipline especially for those who don't come when they are called. 

If you find yourself having to pull the leash every time you take your dog on a walk, this is the right training program for your pet. In a matter of 3 weeks, you can teach your dogs several skills that will develop obedience.

Dogs are active animals hence exercise is a key component of their daily activities. The app provides different movements that will help train your dog's muscles. 

Much like training apps that you use in the gym, this feature also does the same but for your favorite pet. 

Strengthen Relationship Program

As a pet owner, you would also want to bond with your dog hence the app also features a 2-week course that will train your dog some cool tricks that strengthen your relationship with your pet. 

Little Helper Program

Those who have a service dog can also undergo the Little Helper training program and develop their skills in assisting you and people with disabilities.

More Cool Features

Apart from the extensive week-long training programs that are highly successful, Dog Training App with Clicker allows you access to video exams that will assess the impact of your training. 

Users can send videos directly to professional dog trainers and be able to receive immediate feedback regarding their training.

Users can also share photos and videos of their dogs within the community. A weekly photo challenge where pet owners get to post photos and videos and vote for other dogs and dog parents all over the world. 

Start your training today and get to meet many dog lovers.

Discover This App to Help Train a Dog
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Why Everyone Should Train Their Pet 

Many of us wonder why there is such a need to train dogs when they are already very well-behaved. Some dog breeds are already known to have calm demeanor but not all dogs are the same. 

Training helps teach your dog life skills especially when it comes to destructive or aggressive behaviors. Dog training also helps reduce stress. 

Integration into the Family

A well-trained dog is usually well-integrated within the family and has a more calm and relaxed demeanor. Training your dog does not always mean they need to be submissive. It just means they know how the family works.

You can train your dog to be loving and help them feel more secure within your family unit.

Socialization with Other Dogs

Another reason why dog training is important especially if you own two or more pets is proper socialization and integration to the pack. Dogs are highly social to humans and animals. 

Dog training helps in dealing with conflict with other dogs and allows them to be comfortable with other animals in the house.

Can Be Left Alone

Lastly, the most difficult part of owning a pet is when you have to leave them alone in your house. It can be heartbreaking at times but when you have a well-trained dog, you can return to a home that is in one piece.


You should train your dog when they are young but if you adopt your little guy later in life, you can still send them to school.  Correcting behavioral issues such as aggression or barking will make them happier dogs. 

In the end, proper dog training will help develop a healthy relationship between you and your dog. It will also help your dog's relationship with other humans and animals too. 

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