How To Track Your Finances With the Clarity Money App

When looking for ways to track your finances, you can rely on a specifically developed app like Clarity Money. 

This particular app tends to be a clear option when you want to manage your finances in a hassle-free manner

Here, we have compiled all the essential information associated with this app, which will assist you as you learn more about this app.

Features Of Clarity Money App

Clarity Money is referred to as a comprehensive saving and finance tracking app. You can link financial accounts from a variety of institutions. In addition, you can also track spending and organize expenses.

This allows users to take advantage of other categories to budget their spending. Besides that, there are some other features, including credit score monitoring and subscription canceling. 

Apart from tracking your transactions, this app can help you analyze and monitor your financial status. Clarity Money uses graphs to display your transactions and amount spent. 

This is the simplest way to give insight into the spending habits of a person. These presentations are easy to understand and include pie charts and daily spending trends.

Furthermore, Clarity Money is capable of negotiating on your behalf for lowering some of your bills. For instance, this app can help to lower your home telecom bills. 

However, nothing comes free, as Clarity Money charges you ⅓ of the money that you have saved through the negotiation feature of this app.

Furthermore, Clarity Money makes it simple for you to cancel your bills. For example, it is possible to cancel your cable subscriptions through the app. The app doesn’t charge for this service.

Another impressive feature relates to the ability of this app to help you save money. It’s a unique twist, especially when it comes to a budgeting app. 

Clarity Money also offers a fully automated platform to increase your savings. It allows the users to automatically transfer savings within a bank account that is FDIC insured. 

General Tips

The basic theme behind Clarity Money is to help the users track their finances and identify their bad spending habits.

Besides that, the automatic savings transfers give you extra help while controlling unnecessary spending.

Make sure to follow the recommendations suggested by this app. By taking a look at your spending trends, you can identify the loopholes that result in excessive fund drainage. 

Who It's Suited To

Financial circumstances differ from person to person. The most essential aspect in this regard is the source and type of income

Some have predictable income, while others don’t have any idea how much they will earn in the next month. This suggests that the expenses of people are also very different. 

If you get paid biweekly and your bills are due monthly, Clarity Money will serve as an ideal finance-tracking app for you.

On the contrary, people with variable expenses or incomes won’t get much benefit out of Clarity Money.

If you belong to this category, you should look for another app that meets your specific financial needs.


The app is free to download. 

But it charges you for the negotiations that Clarity Money does on your behalf. You have to pay ⅓ of the saved amount as a commission to Clarity Money. This seems quite fair.


  • It’s a technical masterpiece, allowing you to manage your finances in a hassle-free manner.
  • This app can connect to your bank account quickly.
  • Transferring amounts between different bank accounts is easy
  • Helps increase your savings by automatically transferring your monthly savings into an allocated bank account


  • Clarity Money lacks budgeting feature
  • It is not possible to customize the spending categories

How To Download and Use It

Downloading Clarity Money is simple. Just visit Google Play or App Store and find the app. When it comes to using this app, it has a simple interface that is easy to follow. 

It connects to your bank account and tracks all types of transactions made within a month. Besides that, you can also control your monthly expenses by canceling unnecessary or overly expensive subscriptions.


Generally, choosing a finance-tracking app depends on what you want out of it.

For instance, when you want an app to negotiate the bills on your behalf, Clarity Money is the most appropriate option to consider. If you think it’s a viable choice for you, just give it a try.

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