Windows 9 release date, beta, download and updates tracking article

With the release of Windows 8 in October 2012, Microsoft received lots of criticism mainly due to the introduction of the tile based Metro / Modern UI. Its successor, for now called Windows 9 and also known as Threshold, should address much of the criticism.

Microsoft has been secretive about its upcoming OS so far, but thanks to several leaks some details on Windows 9 start to take shape. In this article we'll track the rumors and news on Windows 9, including concept images, release dates of beta versions and when available download links.

In May 2014 we obtained information about the possible release date of a first beta of Windows 9, a screenshot of the information posted by a Microsoft employee revealed that we should see a first Windows 9 Preview Release by the second or third quarter of 2015. The same leak also states that Windows 9 features improvements on the Metro UI, Windows Defender and OneDrive. It also reveals Microsoft's personal assistance software Cortana will make its entrance in Windows 9.


Previously Microsoft's head of research already mentioned that Windows 9 would feature machine learning, something Cortana benefits from. Cortana was introduced in Windows Phone but will now likely become parts of the entire Microsoft operating system eco-system.

Besides the mentioned leak coming from a Chinese source, the Russian hacker group WZOR pretty much states the same. The group also mention that Windows 9 will likely be followed by Windows 365 an operating system based on the cloud.


Windows 9 has been an inspiration for many designers. Several concepts of a GUI for the operating system have been posted by designers and other hobbyists. However no actual imagery on the operating system has been released so far.


One thing most Microsoft watchers are sure about is that the start menu will return in Windows 9. Microsoft already showed images of a Windows version with the start menu on its traditional left bottom corner. When clicked the start menu appears showing Metro like tiles. Although this start menu is likely part of Windows 9, it might also be part of another Windows 8.1 update planned for autumn 2014.

(More information will be added when available...)

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