Amazon may jump into streaming video service subscriptions soon

Netflix’s runaway success all but guaranteed others would vie for a slice of the movie streaming pie. The latest company, suggests rumors, gearing up to spar with the popular service is Amazon. If competition is good for consumers, a tussle between the two may yield beneficial results. At the least, it’ll be fun to watch.

Amazon already offers transactional Video On Demand (VOD) streaming content online, but their current business model requires customers to make a purchase for each and every movie, TV show or video that they want to watch.

The Los Angeles Times reported that a new Amazon unlimited movie streaming service could go live as soon as the end of the month, though concrete plans have yet to be detailed by the online retailer. Rumors suggest that the subscription service could somehow be tied to Amazon Prime memberships.

Netflix recently topped 20 million paid subscribers, which, while great for the company, speaks to an ever-growing demand for digital content from a ravenous, technophilic public. Amazon also boasts a sizable clientele willing to spend: the company announced a 71% profit increase buoyed by the holiday season.

If Amazon is capable of garnering enough content (and most signs suggest they are), Netflix could have some harsh competition… eventually. An epic showdown on day one might be asking too much — like expecting a wet behind the ears boxer to knock out a seasoned vet in round one.