Netflix lays off customer service reps following Qwikster blunder

Following some unpopular site tweaks, price hike backlash and a precipitous October stock plunge, many believed Netflix would need all the customer support representatives it could find. Ironically, a failed Qwikster launch has forced the instant streaming giant to axe dozens of jobs in that very department.

An anonymous source informed HackingNetflix that the closure of a customer support center in Hillsboro, OR has left 90 workers unemployed. Additionally, Netflix has instituted a hiring freeze.

The individual said the abandoned Netflix/Qwikster business split was partially to blame for the lay-offs. "Once that didn't happen, and the call volume dropped drastically with the loss of subscribers, the call center had too many employees," they explained.

Bloomberg reported last week that Netflix laid off over 15 human resources employees. In September, the company announced it expects to lose 1 million subscribers through the fall.

Despite the fumbles, Netflix launched its instant streaming subscription model across Latin America and the Caribbean this year. In early 2012, the same service will hit the UK and Ireland. New deals have buffed up the company's TV show roster, but a falling-out with Starz means some of its most popular content will be cut next February.

Netflix has not issued an official comment on the lay-offs. (via HackingNetflix)

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