Netflix stands by new user interface, though a workaround exists

When Netflix rolled out a new website interface last week, the company felt confident that the tweaks would please a discerning fanbase. The opposite occurred. In fact, feedback about the alteration was so immense that it resulted in something unprecedented: the Netflix blog post which announced the "new look and feel" was filled to its 5,000 comment limit within days, the bulk of which was scathing criticism and threats to cancel subscriptions.

Most wanted just one thing: an option to use the old version of the site. Though not sanctioned by Netflix, there is a way to do just that.

The helpful tipsters at WonderHowTo unearthed a simple method (though not without a caveat) for aggrieved customers who desperately want the site to be the way it was.

After signing into Netflix, simply paste this link into the address bar.

"You should be able to see the Watch Instantly section as it was before," said the site, adding: "There's only one problem - it only works for the front page. If you click on any of the different categories, you'll be directed to the new layout."

As for Netflix execs kowtowing to an admittedly minor outcry (the company does have over 20 million paying subscribers) and adjusting the site to provide customers with a choice between the two, don't bet on it. Steve Swasey, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Netflix, cut down hope for a return to form.

"We made [the new interface] and tested it and researched it and tried it out and everywhere we tried it, it had a better reception," Swasey said. "We know the vast, vast majority of people like this. It's new, it's easier, it's cleaner." (via WonderHowTo)

Have you already let Netflix know what you think about the overhaul? Let us know what you said in the comment section.

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