Audio-Technica unveils improved active noise-cancelling headphones

Anyone who listens to music in a noisy area such as on public transport or even in a noisy office usually has to resort to cranking up the volume to drown out the noise, which over time can result in tinnitus and hearing loss. Various brands of Noise-cancelling headphones have been on the market for a while to help deal with the problem and they work by picking up the background audio, inverting the waveform and playing it through the headphones to cancel most of the noise through destructive interference.

Audio-Technica, a brand known for its studio microphones has launched its latest flagship noise-cancelling headphones range, the ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint. Its new features includes a choice of three user-selectable noise-cancellation settings, an inline microphone and controller for answering phone calls as well as controlling music playback, such as next/previous track.

These new headphones also claims to offer the highest active noise-cancelling performance yet in their range, blocking up to 95% of outside noise or a 30dB noise reduction over a wide range of background noise conditions, while still delivering high sound quality. It features 40nm drivers, improved electronics to deliver a natural full range sound and an input sensitivity of 100dB.

The noise-cancellation modes include a mode for noisy public transport which targets low noise frequencies, a second mode for noisy/crowded places that targets mid-range frequencies and a third mode for quiet locations where minimal noise-cancellation is required. If the battery runs out, the headphones can also operate in passive mode, even without a battery loaded.

The ATH-ANC9 QuietPoint headphones are now available with a suggested retail price of $349.99 and come bundled with two detachable cables, 1/4" stereo adapter, an airline adapter, a hard storage carry case and an AAA battery. The headphones fold-flat for storage.

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