Sony Japan to release high quality Blu-Spec CDs - not Blu-ray

Sony Music Entertainment Japan has announced that it will release Blu-spec CDs in December this year. Blu-spec CDs are manufactured by using technology inherited from the Blu-ray manufacturing process. However the end product has nothing to do with Blu-ray, the CD will play in all regular 'red-laser' CD players. The Blu-ray part about the Blu-spec CDs is that during the actual manufacturing of the discs, a blue laser is used.


This laser is much more precise than previous methods which makes that, according to Sony, there is less distortion when the CD is read. According to Sony the used blue (Blu-ray) laser  is 10x more precise than a red laser and by applying the same poly-carbonate polymer material as used in Blu-ray discs, half the jitter is reduced. The company claims that a Blu-spec CD offers a sound quality similar to the master.

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